Data Scientist

New York   |   Full Time

NewtonX is building the world's first B2B Knowledge Access Platform. We connect our Fortune 500 clients to subject matter experts with highly specific and hard-to-find knowledge, across all industries. Our mission is to empower people to work smarter and make decisions with confidence, and we're leveraging automation and modern technologies to do it. Our core technologies include a global knowledge network with over 1.4 billion professionals, sophisticated automated outreach platforms, our knowledge graph-driven expert search engine, and a robust client support system.

We are seeking Data Scientists to join our team in shaping the direction of data science across a wide variety of problems, including our proprietary knowledge graph, search functionalities, and more. Our team is smart, visionary, supportive and, above all, excited by what we do! We are looking for strong, inquisitive data scientists with clever solutions, with a desire to join a small but fast growing team (<50) to get in early and help shape the direction of our technology.


  • Construct a deeper and broader knowledge graph by mining both public information and proprietary data.

  • Develop advanced search functionalities and algorithms to effectively index and find experts matching clients’ specific needs.

  • Apply natural language processing and machine learning to generate highly effective searches from client requests automatically.

  • Optimize the expert outreach platform to increase the response rate.

  • Define metrics, A/B testing and conduct statistical measurement of features and improvements.


  • 2-4+ years of industry experience in data science.

  • Strong track record of applying NLP and ML methods in solving real world problems.

  • Fluency of large dataset processing with mainstream big data stack.

  • Ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and effective manner.

  • Passion for making knowledge more accessible in the world.

  • Strong sense of ownership and results-focused.


  • Familiarity with Google Cloud Dataflow or Apache Beam & AI Platform

  • Docker

  • RabbitMQ

  • Apache Kafka

  • Apache Beam, Hadoop, Spark

  • Jenkins

  • Python

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