Senior Backend Engineer

New York   |   Full Time

NewtonX is the first B2B Expertise Search Engine. We connect our Fortune 500 clients looking for access to highly specific, hard to find knowledge, across all industries. Our technology consists of big data search with machine learning, global marketplace platforms, and orchestration of data collection and indexing from a variety of sources. 

Our systems to support these platforms require very strong backend engineers to build sophisticated APIs, data processing pipelines, queuing and streaming systems, and more. We are looking for strong, inquisitive engineers with clever solutions, and a desire to join a small but fast growing team (< 40) to get in early and influence our technology. 


  • Develop production-grade software that is modular, reusable, scalable, and highly functioning
  • Build software that scales horizontally involving topics such as:
    • RESTful APIs
    • Performant background jobs that consume queues
  • Collaborate with other technology team members on solution design and code review
  • Select new technologies/languages/tools/frameworks 
  • Perform debugging, tech debt resolution, and continuous code quality improvement
  • Use test driven development (TDD) and maintain test coverage
  • Introduce engineering process improvements and tools (depending on seniority level)
  • Mentoring/pair programming/leadership (depending on seniority level)
  • Strong ownership of projects from inception to production


  • 6 years MIN experience as a software engineer

  • Strong Java experience across multiple projects

  • Tech stack: Spring or Spring Boot + JPA/Hibernate

  • Have built several Web applications, especially REST APIs

  • Strong SQL experience with any common relational database

  • Experience implementing standard authentication systems (e.g. OAuth using Spring Security) and have a firm understanding of how authentication works in modern web applications

  • Experience working on Agile/Scrum teams

  • Regularly practice test driven development (TDD) with unit and integration tests using frameworks like JUnit, Mockito, etc.

  • Be extremely comfortable working with version control and branching (e.g. Git)

  • Comfortable with systems that scale horizontally (e.g. Kubernetes, EKS, ECS, EC2 behind a load balancer)

  • Bachelor's degree or greater in relevant field of study


  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Kubernetes

  • Spring Boot Security

  • Helm charts

  • Docker

  • SOLID Design Principles

  • RabbitMQ

  • Jenkins

  • Python

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